Data Center Practices

Cyber Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

We conduct extensive vulnerability assessment on your IT infrastructure and your business applications to identify the security flaws which can be exploited by malicious entities to compromise data or cause damage to the reputation of the business. These identified vulnerabilities further undergo the penetration testing exercise which creates POC and proves how these vulnerabilities can be exploited in a real-world scenario.

Security Operation Center

Traditional SOC does not have threat intelligence capabilities, that can easily identify he indicator of the compromise. 


Our SOC has centralised security event analysis engine which maps events to attack patterns and identifies a threat in its early stages so security team can act quickly to stop further spreads.

Incident Reponses

Even with the implementation of security practices and the standards implemented in the IT environment, breach and compromise of assets are unforeseen cyber incidents. Volksara helps you to respond to such incident and get back to business continuity. We work with the IT team, to identify the answers to questions like, what, when and how the incident happened in your environment.

Security solutions assistance program

Misconfigured, out-of-date, and unsupervised security solutions are some of the major causes for cyber incidence. We help organizations to assess the security solutions in place and recommend the suitable security configuration as per your business application needs.